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Aloha from Maui Hawaii

      Living on Maui makes  owning sports cars a blast. We have the only road in the world that goes  from sea level to 10,000 feet in just 35 miles. I live at the bottom of  the Crater Road and that's where I drive my cars. I grew up in the 50's  in Venice Beach California, and my parents tell me that by the time I  was 5 I knew every year, make, and model of every car on the road. I  bought a 1949 Chevy Panel truck when I was 15 and havn't stopped since.

      When I was a senior at Venice High I put my VW bus up for sale and  ended up trading it for a 1957 beat up Porsche Speedster. The Speedster  was sold for $1100 in 1967 when I graduated from High School and jumped  on a plane to Hawaii to surf. I must have gone through at least 10 cars  in high school. I could buy cars for $50-$300, have fun and then sell  them and find another one.

     The cars I now have are the  result of buying, selling and trading for the last 50 years. I drive all  my cars and have limited space, but it still gets out of hand at times.  I had to build a small garage for my 1980 Toyota 4x4, as my garage only  holds 4 cars.

     Here is my Dakine Car Collection.  At the  bottom are some photos of some of the other cars I have had the pleasure  to own and drive.

Gregg Blue
Haiku, Maui Hawaii

My first Porsche, 1966 Venice Calif. 17 years old. Traded a VW bus for it. Sold it for $1100 in 1966

Then moved to Hawaii in 1967 with my 1953 Triumph Mayflower.